This I Believe

Alan - Sacramento, California
Entered on May 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever gone into a grocery or drug store and walk up to a very mean and angry cashier that treats you like garbage? I’m not saying that all cashiers are necessarily like this, but this cashier is just a prime example of someone who needs to have some fun for a change. So this leads me to believing that everyone in the world should chill out, relax, and live everyday like it’s their last. People these days are more focused on other events going on around the world, while they are losing focus on the most important thing: their lives. Also, everyone is so angry. People should just chill. For instance, before high school I was a very angry and unhappy kid. I was so self conscious, rude, and mean that no one ever wanted to be around me. But for some reason when I reached the high school level, I realized that I should have nothing to bitch and complain about all the time and my whole perspective on life has changed since then. I’m much more down to earth and much more chill then I used to be. And I’m finally starting to have fun in my life. That’s what everyone else in the world should do too! Stop thinking and worrying about the bad and start living for the good. Life is totally not worth being fretted and frowned upon all the time. People should cherish their own lives and live everyday like it is their last. Life is much more valuable than most of you think. This….I Believe.