This I Believe

Lyndsey - Orrville, Ohio
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe……………

In my memories, I can hear my dad, a high school football coach, saying “Nothing is impossible! You get knocked down, get back up, never quit! We don’t quit! If it’s hard, try harder! Nothing is Impossible.” Although his words could easily apply literally to his hulking football players, it also figuratively applies to me, his 5’4” petite daughter. His words always tend to give me some kind of motivation when I feel as if something is impossible; whether it is at school or at some kind of sporting event. My family has always lived by the motto:


In my 17 years that I have been alive I do not remember quitting anything. I admit I have used the words “That’s impossible” but my Mom and Dad would always reply with, “Lyndsey, nothing is impossible if you just believe.” And that is the truth. If I believe, something that once seemed impossible could become the easiest thing in the world.

As a 9th grader, I was timid—moving up from Junior High to the “big bad” high school-but I had other obstacles to face. Being “vertically challenged” always added difficulty when it comes down to sports. In junior high I nearly reached the height of 5’2”. The two extra inches that I have grown since I reached high school has not meant a thing. In every sport that I participate in requires some height to be able to be a “star”. Most people, who know me, realize that I have God-given talent when it comes to sports. But there is more involved in athletic ability than just your height that needs to be included when you play a sport. For example my dad is not the tallest man alive but with his athletic ability he went far in life with athletics and still continues them today.

“Impossible is nothing” sticks in my head when I think back to being a freshman. My first ever basketball season in high school. My team consisted of more than 4 girls over 5’6” and 2 girls under 5’5”, one of them being me. Because of my height I would have to work harder than anyone else and do some things that were unthinkable. The unthinkable would have to be like taking care of the ball when I drove it to the basket and proceeding to draw a foul. I knew I could not play post at my height so I would have to take over as our teams’ point guard. I faced many difficult times during my freshman season. I was too scared to drive the ball to the basket because I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE for a girl of my size, to take it to the hoop without getting swatted.Through my freshman and sophomore seasons, I learned that I had to act as if I were 5’7” and “take it to the hoop.” The impossible was overtaken by the possible my freshman year at out Ohio Cardinal Conference championship game.

It was the second half of the game and I was extremely tired. We were down by 3 points at the time and that’s what I saw an opening to the basket. I got the ball, dribbled left and I took a hard crossover to the left and made my way to the basket. Before I knew it, I felt two large bodies, covered in sweat, collide on both sides of my body. I became a sandwich. I looked up and the ball went into the hoop. The whistle blew and the ref called a “foul”. From this experience, I learned that if I believe that something is possible, then it can become a reality. I can achieve the impossible because I believe in my dads saying “Nothing is Impossible”.