This I Believe

Shelby - Arundel, Maine
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Dance For Your Neighbors And Be Different

I recall very vividly. I looked out the bathroom window and found me a bunch of fine looking teens in my neighbors back yard swimming. So just what would a six year old do? I put my tap dancing shoes grabbed My dads tape and jammed out to “celebrate good times “. The boys all got out of the pool and stood on the deck clapping and cheering me on. I felt like no one could stop me, that I was a professional tap dancer, On my way to success.

This is the way I live. Every day little things come and go where its so fun to be yourself, and make someone laugh even on your bad days. When I see someone smile or make someone smile or laugh I feel as if Im that little clueless girl dancing for her neighbors performing like you have the whole world in your arms. Also may be I made those boys day who knows, but what I do know is that those boys that cheered me on are the fuel to my fire. People/ teachers who cheer me one or help me along the way when I look or act like a COMPLETE wreck are what keep me going, and always will. I also learned, as I was a young innocent girl to always be yourself and never hold back, to expound opon everything and appreciate difference.

The past year or so My family and I recently realized that my “big toe” was very very very very very huge! There is many jokes that go around and sometimes they really get to me because I feel like my feet are very unattractive, but then I remember that my “big toe” makes me Shelby. It makes me different. I wish other young women/girls could realize that being different is good. Looks aren’t everything what’s inside is what counts and what builds your future. My big toe has taught me to be myself and to be thankful that I actually have a toe, some people may have no toe, and I know IM grateful for my toe and for many other differences that I have been blessed with.

This I believe: that dancing for your neighbors, and having a rather large big toe is the