This I Believe

Kandice - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

From the moment we are born we are judged by others. We are judged from the life we are brought into through the life we create.

Brought into the world we are like a white canvas, ready for the markings of the world. The influence of our family and surroundings create the outline of our life portrait. As we continue to live our life, our choices begin to shade in our outlined painting.

Everyday others carve pieces into and chip pieces off of this canvas we call our life. Whether or not these people are adding or taking away from our life portrait, I believe our life is a painting: brushed by the hand of others.

Once in a while another painter, or person that influences our life, takes over our life portrait. A once beautiful painting can receive dulled and smudged colors from the influence of the painter. While other painters can add to the beauty of our painting: making strong lines and vibrant colors.

I have had many painters take a paint brush to my life portrait. Through hurtful words and defiance of trust I have had my life portrait destructed, and in serious need of a new painter to freshen up my dulled canvas. Through all this damage and growth I have realized that in order to become the beautiful painting I want to become I have to have confidence in myself and in my life portrait.

The painter can only influence our life portrait to a certain degree. Others can choose how they will change our life portrait, but what do we choose? The frame! We are and have to be the frame that holds our life portrait together. Although I believe our life is a portrait brushed by the hand of others; I also believe a picture is only as good as its frame. We have to be our own frame!