This I Believe

Kyler - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Lows of Height

I know that height can help on the basketball court, but it certainly doesn’t help me. My tall lengthy body never helped me when any type of coordination was involved. I can reach the top shelf, but always manage to hit my head on the doorframe or loose my balance while accomplishing simple tasks. I just can’t play basketball. Something obviously happens to the ball after it leaves my fingertips. Within those few inches, the rubber sphere turns into a Japanese curve ball bouncing away from the hoop. This is why I believe that your height does not make you a good basketball player.

When I was born, I am sure that I had trouble walking; my ape like body was hard to control. Even to this day, I walk into walls and fall off the sidewalk. People just assume that tall people have it all given to them, they tell me all the time, “If I was your height I would be in the NBA.” The truth is, it’s hard to control your feet when they are over six and a half feet down there, and for most, it takes a lot more than height to get into the “big league.”

When I was on the city league, my coach tried to work with me to magnify my “talents.” The problem was you would need the Griffin Park Telescope to see my sporting talents. For hours, he would try to help me run faster or shoot the ball more accurate, but I just didn’t want to. His assumptions only lead to disappointment as he found that I had no desire to become the next Michael Jordan.

The stereo type that I play basketball well really began to bother me when people stopped looking at me as a person and began identifying me as, “hey tall kid.” People always ask me what my height is before they even know my name, then they want to know if I play basketball or not. It makes me want to strangle them; my height does not make me an athlete.

In order to be a basketball player you need coordination, which is one thing that I lack. The hours of boring basketball practices only drew me away from the sport, time consuming drills became mentally painful as I began to hate playing basketball. No matter how hard I tried, I never enjoyed it or became any better.

By the sixth grade, I had realized that basketball was not my calling in life. Many people thought this was just “wasted height,” but I believe that your height is not a career picker. Even if someone was the tallest man in the world they could still suck at basketball, somebody can’t become an athlete on height alone. It is their choice to become what they want to be, not just become what people say you should. This is why I believe that tall people can also become politicians.