This I Believe

Jordan - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It’s late. Two a.m. to be exact. I’m trying to get my nephew, Mason, to stop crying and go to sleep. He’s my only nephew, and I’m really close with the little guy: people say he looks just like me. Though my ideas of calming him down were running out, my patience with him was overflowing. Suddenly a light bulb clicks in my head. I go to my CD player, put in Jack Johnson, and almost instantly he’s out. The crying stops. His warm, honey brown eyes slowly grow heavy, until he gives in to the weight and falls asleep in my arms. His simple innocence and peacefulness are perfect. Then I slowly begin to realize- This is perfection.

I believe that perfection is found in small moments.

These moments, like snap shots in my mind, gradually collect, many of which I’ve neglected, letting them slip by me. Fishing with my dad. Learning to ride a bike. My first kiss. My first home run…

Yeah, my first home run. The ping of the bat, the sweet vibrations running through my body, the instant smile and joy that crosses my face as I hope…yes, yes,…back, back… Gone! Home run! Chills run up and down my spine. My feet barely touch the ground. Perfect!

When perfection picks to reward me with these amazing events, and I become aware of its presence, it feels like cold water rushing over me, leaving me gasping for air waist deep in perfection. These special occasions can occur at any common moment, and when it does, it’s like a visit from an old friend, or an anonymous gift.

In the end, perfection slowly falls spontaneously in the simplest moments, slowly floating onto you like a feather blown in the wind. Moments like falling asleep with a child in your arms; or the cool feel of a rare rain on a scorching summer day, leading to a magnificent rainbow. Or even spending a beautiful night with my prom date, who looks…perfect.

It may not always seem so special at the time, and I may be the only person who ever sees the significance the moment holds, but I believe it’s the simplest, smallest moments where I see perfection was there just as much as I was.