This I Believe

Alexander - Glen arm, Maryland
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe: Hug

Since I was a kid, my dad always showed his love in a physical manner. I was raised in a physical environment. It is only when I was in trouble that words were used as castigation for my actions. It may seem logical that since I was raised in this manner, as I got older. I began to express my own emotions to mirror my upbringing. Therefore, for me, the one thing that can always lift my spirits is a solid meaningful hug and the only thing that I know how to do to show someone that I care is a simple hug. Many times, it seems as though I am too physical, but it is simply the way I was taught to express my more core emotions.

A hug is a physical expression of an emotion felt by the hugger and is shared with the person hugged. A hug cannot be taken from someone or stolen, it can only be given. A hug makes a person feel better because it lets that person know that there is someone else who cares. It says ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘take care’, ‘I love you’, and sometimes needed even more, ‘I’m sorry’. All of these common day euphemisms root themselves in care. Words cannot express this type of care the way a simply hug can; anyone can say something, but it’s much harder to give a hug that feels like you care. In this sense, sometimes a hug can even transcend the boundaries set-up by words and can resonate more deeply within a person.

I know that, personally, when I am feeling down, the one thing that can always lift my spirits is a simple hug. It does not technically need to be a hug but a pat on the back, a playful punch in the arm from a friend, or a sincere handshake expresses the same consideration for another. They are all forms of the physical expression of care and being a person who shows his affection physically, and sometimes people should just cast their words aside, and embrace one another the way people did before language even existed: This I believe.