This I Believe

joseph - leesburg, Virginia
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

An observation I have made

Today I was sitting in English class thinking about the four days left in my entire high school career. When my teacher assigned me this project as a final grade for the year. As if senioritis isn’t bad enough, especially with only four days left. Inside of my head I groan and complain, keeping my mouth shut because I need every brownie point possible to finally be done with this place, and begin my career as a marine. As I ponder about what I am to write about I come up with a complete blank mind, until I realize that is exactly what the teacher wants me to write about. He wants me to write about any one specific topic and make it sound intelligent. Pretty much he has assigned us to write as much B.S. as possible without letting the reader think it is a total load of crap. Inside I chuckle a little bit as I scrape and claw for a beginning to this madness.

I look around at all of the people here in my class and I realize how everyone here is living a lie. I notice so many students here who have no desire to be here, the only thing they would be good for is a reefer smoking hippy, then others who are here and fail to succeed because the material that they are forced to study just has no appeal to them what so ever. Lets take for example the student wants to study science and physics, but they are forced to study English and history to graduate so they can go to college. Not every person on this planet needs to be able to read and analyze literature written thousands of years ago to be able to build a space voyager.

I’m not saying that every kid wants to be a rocket scientist, but I am saying that not every student should be forced into studying the things he or she has little or no interest in. so my big realization or my big “eureka” moment of the day is about the hypocrisy that not only surrounds our government and politics, but our school systems, our society, everything we do in life, we have been raised to conform to what others want us to do. Myself, I am looked upon as a rebel because I refuse to conform.