This I Believe

Adrienne - Orrville, Ohio
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Some once believed that the streets of America were paved with gold. Years ago, people from all over the world came to America to walk the streets in hope for a new beginning. Coming across the rough waters, being able to bring nothing along with them, leaving their pockets empty and only filled with one thing, hope. The hope for a better life, a hope for success. Today the roads of America maybe filled with some soil and dirt from things such as politics, but its golden glow still shines through to all who come here. A man can be whatever he wants to be. And women have the same opportunity as the men in this country. Everyone here today is here because they choose to be, not because they were forced to be or because someone has made them come here. And for this reason, I believe in the American dream.

Everyday, people enter this country in hope for a better life, a second chance. They come here to be treated fairly as well as have individual rights and freedoms. This is a country for dreaming and being able to accomplish those dreams. It’s a country full of job opportunity and fairness. A place where the citizens get to choose the leaders, resulting in those leaders are favored by the people.

The United States of America began with settlers and immigrants looking for place to start again, be treated fairly as equals, and be able to provide the best for their families while being able to practice their own religion, in freedom, and without having to fear for their lives. Times have changed over the years, but some things still remain the same. Today, we still have many new immigrants that arrive in this country, but for different circumstances.

My background is not the same as those immigrants; however this is part of the reason why I envy them. They have the opportunity for a new life. Because I have lived in this country all of my life, I have grown accustomed to witnessing the American dream. Everyday is incredible to America citizens. We have been blessed with not only the rights as everyone who lies in America, but most of us have good health, a home, and each other. Some of the immigrants that come to this country don’t even have that. Some immigrants lose family members on the way over, due to bad health. But despite the hardships, they still choose to come here because they know that life can be better. This is the final reason why I believe in the American dream.