This I Believe

Graceann - Vineyard, Utah
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It is absolutely dark. As I wait, a ray of sunshine bursts toward me through the darkness, lighting my world, giving me hope. I believe in rays of sunshine.

The interesting thing about these rays of sunshine is that they always come. Especially after a terrible storm.

I’m not quite sure how it happened. Probably from having old great grand parents that I loved, but somehow I have a deep respect for old people. I love it when I walk in the room and even though they may not remember me, their face brightens up.

Every Sunday I go to a retirement center by my house and sit through their church meeting with them. One of these Sundays I walked in and a wrinkly old lady, who I had meet lots of times, came and grabbed my hand. I thought she just wanted me to sit next to her during church. Instead, she led me to her room. On her wall there were dozens of pictures, from the new great grandchild to the old picture of her parents. I didn’t understand why she wanted to show me these pictures until she said, “These are all the people who are important to me and who I love. It has been really hard to get old. I didn’t want to come to this care center and if I could I would leave right now. Graceann you have made it bearable. I started looking forward to Sundays when you would come. You have been like Sunshine in my gloomy life; and you are someone special and important to me. I want to have your picture on my wall.”

It struck me so deep to know that I had made such an impact on her. I loved how she had called me her “Sunshine” and I started looking for instances in my life where I had sunshine. As I watched daily I realized that clear skies are amazing but I would never have known of their beauty, and gained the awe I have for them if I had never witnessed a storm.

I believe in rays of sunshine. They may not come how or when we would prefer, but this sunshine comes in many forms. For me they are the old wrinkled great-grandmas I visit on Sundays at the retirement home who usually forgets me name, but all the same she smiles showing her love; when my little sisters run out to the car when I get home screaming, “Graceannies home! Graceannies home!”

From feeling the joy I feel as their sunshine falls on me when I’m in those hard times in life, the dark places, I try to find ways that I can be sunshine. I know these rays are inside of me, waiting to be seen by someone in a storm. I don’t want to miss any opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I believe in being a ray of sunshine.