This I Believe

meagan - new canaan, Connecticut
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, children


I believe that no matter how old you get, youth still lives inside of you waiting to escape.

When you are young, you don’t realize how youthful you actually are: playing with dolls, building mud castles in the backyard and running wildly around, so carefree. The world from a young eye is like a playground awaiting you to uncontrollably jump on it, but as we get older the world turns into a construction site with many paths that have “CAUTION!” signs and you learn to focus on reality.

I remember every Saturday until I was about eleven, I would play doll with my younger sister. No matter what I was doing at that moment, when my sister asked to play Polly Pocket or any other doll game, I would drop what I was doing and go to play. For hours on end we would be the voices of our own characters and make the dolls come to life until my mom would call us for dinner. That was when the game was put on pause until the following Saturday. Around the 5th grade I stopped playing. I don’t know why I stopped playing, but I just did. Every Saturday she would ask me to join in the game and every Saturday I would reject her invitation.

I guess that’s when I started focusing on life, school and other things. Overtime I would give up little by little of what I used to do and begin new adventures. Leaving all of those childish games behind has made me realize that I’m still young and I’m doing youthful things everyday, just maybe in a different form. When I’m older I will look back and see that hanging out with friends, dances and going to school were all youthful times.

Although I sometimes think I’ve lost my youth, I admit that once in a blue moon I will let go and be a kid. Bringing up my foolish side is like a round of poke fun with my sister. We just end up laughing for hours about nothing in particular and if any random word is said, we will burst out giggling. Sometimes I will grab my old stuffed bunny that I’ve had for as long as I can remember and just lay in bed holding it close to me as I fall asleep. A certain scent is everlasting on the rabbit’s head from when I snuck my mom’s perfume into my room and sprayed him when I was younger. Cuddling with the old stuffed animal and smelling the old perfume just helps me remind myself of past memories and how my youth is around me all the time. These childish games make me relive the past and I realize that every second is worth it.

Youth will always be with us no matter where you go in life or how old you are, this I believe.