This I Believe

david - new canaan, Connecticut
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe

I believe in golf. Golf is a manner sport in which you compete with politely. When you play you may be playing some one in a match but you are always playing against yourself.

Golf is a battle against yourself that is all in your mind. You need to make a plan of how your going to play each shot and then try to execute it. Once you have your plan you just go for it and hope it all works out. This is also how life works out. In life it is important to make a plan then don’t worry about it and make it work. Likewise in golf if you plan falls through, which could be a miss hit shot, you try your best to get back on course and get through that hole best you can.

Once, I was planning a birthday and we had planned to go to this theater and see this brand new movie that came out. I had planned what show time we were going to see and what we could do after. After all that planning I had decide we would go to the theater at 6:00 pm to get there early so we could get tickets. Then we were going to go across the street to get dinner and the come back to see the movie. I had planned that after that we would come back to my house, play video games, watch TV and get food a little later on. Now, after all that panning we couldn’t get in because it was already sold out. So my plans for the rest of the night were ruined. I thought of other option and it all turned out fine. We went to Blockbuster instead, rented a movie and hung out at my house watching the movie, talking and playing video games. This is what you need to do in golf sometimes. For example, this one time I was playing golf and I had hit an errant tee shot so I didn’t have a shot to the green like I had planned to have happen. On the contrary, I was under a tree in the rough. I was able to recover though by putting it back in my stance and punching it back out. Because I was able to do that I put it close to the hole and saved par.

Another way golf is like life is that it you are polite people don’t care how bad you are. In life though people will be so much nicer and willing to help you if you are nice. This I also found out personally. I was playing golf with a couple guys who I was pared with. That day I played terrible because I was just starting out. It was my first year and I never even told them that so all they knew was that I was doing terrible. They didn’t care at all thought and I couldn’t understand why. After the round though I asked them if it bothered them that I was doing so badly. They told me it didn’t bother them in the least because I picked up and dropped with them if we started falling behind and didn’t stand in their lines. They said it was just that I was so nice and used the proper educate during the round.

From this I found that people just don’t care if your good at something as long as you nice.