This I Believe

Kaitlen - Frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Learn

I believe in a life of no regrets. No matter what happens, I should feel confident in the decisions I have made. I can’t ever make the wrong choice. Every choice I make is one that, at some point in time, I felt strongly enough to choose to do. The other options I had were obviously ones I didn’t want. I chose the one that, in my mind, could lead to an outcome that I wanted and would make me happy.

Anybody can live life this way. Everybody is put in situations like this. You make the choices you want. But lets say those choices don’t lead to what you wanted and ended up not being what made you happy. Look at it optimistically. It was still the right choice. It was what you wanted at the time and you obviously had something telling you that you should do it. Just because it didn’t lead where you planned for it to doesn’t mean that it was wrong. It just means that now you are at a place where you either have to stick with what has happened or make a choice to change it and try again. You aren’t given a second chance necessarily. You are just again faced with a choice to make. You have more experience now and you know even more about what you want and what exactly it takes to get that.

Throughout my life, I have been through a lot. Good things have happened in my life and I am fortunate for those things. A number of bad things have happened too. Still, I am fortunate for those things as well. Without bad times and wrong choices and negative outcomes, I wouldn’t be the same person I am now. Those “bad” times are what define us as a person. You have to face certain choices in your life and nobody is perfect. Bad choices will be made. It’s inevitable. Learn from them. Don’t complain. Don’t wish that certain things had never happened. There is no sense living a life of regret because then you waste too much time worrying about the past and not focusing on the future and what is to come. You have many more choices ahead of you to make and you can’t go back. Take something out of the “bad” things and use them to help you for next time.

I can’t live in the past and I can’t worry about what HAS happened. I have to focus on what WILL happen and how I can affect that. Things happen for a reason and I can either dwell on the bad things or I can look at then as something that builds character and helps me figure myself out. I can never know how things will end up if I don’t try and just go for them. If they don’t turn out how I want them, then at least I know better the next time. I learn instead of loath.