This I Believe

Melissa - Frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

The Second Time Around

It is not often that I give people second chances. Nonetheless, I’m beginning to understand how much those opportunities mean. Second chances are the unspoken apologies and understandings of not getting it right. When I mess up or break trust, I am extremely appreciative of the second chances I receive. I remember them; I keep them fresh in my mind. When the chance comes for me to give someone a second chance, I’ll remember my second chances and gladly give them another try. After all, very few people get it right the first time.

I believe in second chances.

We see them everyday and don’t even think about them. The fast food you ate last night was the second chance for dinner since your mother burned your first one. The next pitch in a baseball game is a second chance to gain a strike, instead of a walk. And yes, even this draft of my paper is a second, possibly even a third or fourth chance for creating a worthy essay.

Second chances are the ones that encourage us to try harder the next time we get a first try at something. I want to give that second chance my complete all, one hundred and ten percent, knowing that I messed up the first one. Second chances allow me to see that having the ability to completely overlook someone’s mistake and give them another shot is nothing short of incredible.

This past November, I was in the middle of a serious relationship that was becoming somewhat tedious. We had been dating for four months, and we decided to take a break and see how things were in a few weeks. However, over Thanksgiving break, I learned that he had kissed another girl. Technically, we were not dating, so he was free to do what he wished. Nonetheless, I was devastated, I was crushed, I was shocked. Every other phrase from his mouth was, “I’m sorry”, or, “Please forgive me”. I hated what he did to me, but I gave him a second chance. I cared about him so much that I could not hold a grudge against him. I knew that if I gave him the chance to start over, we could work things out. It was not that easy. The constant worry of him cheating on me was too much to handle. He complained about me not giving him a chance, but I had; a second one, in fact.

With a second chance, I can finish anything. With a second chance, I regain confidence. A second chance is a subtle way of someone telling me, “I believe you can do this the right way.” Second chances live everywhere, exist in everyone, and present themselves everyday. Our world thrives off second chances, because those second chances pick us up when we fall in our failures.