This I Believe

Samuel - Worthing, United Kingdom
Entered on May 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that religion is a curse. I believe that it causes war, brainwashes or indoctrinates young people, gives people excuses to do horrible things. THIS I BELIEVE. But a world without religion would not work, and why? Because there is always going to be people in the world that are not content with what they have or are too scared to believe there is nothing else.

If religion was eradicated completely somehow, in a few years another religion would be created, and then the idea would spread. In the end we’d be back where we started. With no religion, the world would be chaos because for some people religion is where they get thier morals and boundaries. Without these morals and boundaries, who knows what they would be like?

So, we have to ask ourselves the question. What is better? – A world without religion where nobody has anything to believe in apart from reality, or a world where people suffer to keep that hope which keeps us all going, that there might just be something else out there.