This I Believe

Andrew - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A Little Bit of Thought Can Go a Long Way

I sit in school, with a pen in hand, and paper on my desk. The students surround me, doing the same free write on a subject that we neither know, nor care about. I begin to think about the subject.

I believe in thinking ahead.

I used to think religion was just a lifestyle. It seems to teach me how to act obediently and in a specific way. Usually, thinking about unanswerable questions was frowned upon, because it would add doubt to my mind. As I look back on what religion has done with my thoughts, I realize that it has taught me more. It has taught me how to think ahead.

In my 9th grade math class, I learned many principles or skills that will not be used again in my life time. I’m not planning on being an engineer! The rest of the class had pleaded my case. Mr. Hart, my teacher, explained that most of the things I learn in his math class I would never use again. Why then was I learning it? He explained that I was learning these things so I will think more.

In a summer Drivers Ed class, I learn the rules of the road. The subject seems monotonous and full of specificities. The lessons I remembered most were the lessons on alcohol and how it seems to cause so much death when mixed with driving. Alcohol inhibits rational thought in the brain, which seems to be the cause for so much death (especially among kids my age). I continued to learn more about thought.

I love psychology class. In there I learn about thinking: why I do it, why I think in a specific way, and how my thoughts impact the decisions I make. This makes me wonder about other people and their thoughts.

I know that imagining myself in a situation prepares me for it. For example, before a concert, I imagine myself in the situation. My actions, my emotions, and my thoughts all are in line. It calms my nerves and allows me to think ahead so I may perform to my abilities.

Although I may never use subjects again in life that I learn about, It pays for the sake of rational thought. The more I think about choices, consequences, and outcomes, the better decisions I seem to make. This is why I believe that a little bit of thought can go a long way.