This I Believe

Libra - Eastpointe, Michigan
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity, hope

This I believe

I believe that dreams never have to die . All my life I have been a dreamer . I have dreamt of being an actress , ( briefly ) of being a commercial artist ( not seriously ) and being a singer . I have had these dreams and tried to make them come true but in many, I lost my way . In most I realized that I was running from my real dream , or chasing around It because it is neither as glamorous or as easy as others seem to me .

I want , I dream of being a novelist . One that is well known and well respected . I would like this to include fans that span the globe and get my image tattooed on their bodies but honestly , that is cream , I want someone like me , someone with a dream , reading it and loving it .

I have had many times that people and life attempt to squash this dream . My real dream .. The one that has been with me since I was a child and survived all the others .my writing .

People say the most awful things when they find that you have a dream . They ask you personal questions about your life and your education and then they say “ Oh .. Who want to read a story by….” A plumber , a baker , a receptionist with 5 kids? I see in their eyes the dreams that they let die . And the resentment of the one that I refuse to .

I want to shake them . To tell them that they can be ballerina and fireman and photographers . To remind them that people have walked on the moon . I want to tell them that thirty-two years old is not too old to dream. That fifty-two isn’t , that seventy-two isn’t . That we should die with dreams , fulfilled and unfulfilled in our heads . Die wanting and expecting more .

I think that when we decide that we used to want to be something , something that was real, we die inside . A little at a time . We can’t all be starlets but we can each find a stage. We can dance for the chorus line and sing in the choir . We are born to dream and to keep dreaming . To live, to love, and to continue to try is a dream . Why do we behave as if this is something that must stop . That there is some magic day that dreams must end ? I can work in an office and dream . I can raise a family and dream . Our minds atrophy and break if at night we don’t dream . I believe that the same happens to our souls when we give up on our life dreams .

As long as I live , until either I fulfill this or I pack my computer up for the next life people will ask me what my dream is and I will reply with confidence and bravado “ to write the great American novel “ .

And this I believe .