This I Believe

Elise - 49686, Michigan
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Absence of Friendship

Many people have come and gone in my life. Some of those people were really great friends. Still others I am continuing to remain good friends with. Friendships are important for people to have. I believe that in order to be truly happy one needs friends. Without them life is only experienced, not fulfilled. One only exists without friends, instead of living it.

Recently I have come to realize this while I was on a school trip. Spending two days at an amusement park I hung out with four or five friends. On the first day I was with my friends for the entire time. Having a friend to ride with made the whole experience worthwhile. I rode the rides to be with my friends rather than to only experience the rides themselves.

The second day was not as fun for me. When I got off the bus my friends were no where in sight. I quickly joined another group to get into the park. I started heading for the first ride my friends and I had planned on with the person I was to ride with and to meet the rest of the group. Having a bag I had to place it in a locker for safe keeping. No one waited for me. I was all alone. I decided to get in line and go anyways. It was not as fun waiting in line by myself. Getting out of line I walked over to a bench. My eyes started to water. I felt abandoned and unwanted. Everyone forgot about me. I finally met up with two people I knew and rode the ride. But I still had to ride with a stranger, knowing the other two would want to ride together. After this first ride the two people I waited in line with went off together, and I was by myself once again. I found two other rides to go on. But I only went on them for something to do. I felt that I did not get the full affect of the ride being by myself. The rides did nothing but pass the time for me. On my own all I could think about was going home. I felt that no one wanted to hang out with me. I was feeling let down the whole day without seeing any of my friends.

Friends are important for having a good time. They laugh, cry, joke, sympathsize, hang out with you. I have come to realize that friends are needed to be able to have a fun time. Without them life is not fully lived. One has nothing to look forward to. This I believe.