This I Believe

Elise - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

What if people weren’t allowed a break from life? What would happen if we were all doomed to spend the rest of our lives behind a desk in a boiling room? It wouldn’t take long before we all went crazy.

This is why I believe in vacations!

I didn’t begin to realize the effects that a vacation (however short it is) could have on you, until I got into junior high. The homework started to pile up and, each assignment made me feel like I was putting a brick on my back. I was very grateful come Friday. I could literally feel a load of stress relieve me as I realized that I had another two days to do the work. Not only was it extra time to do my homework, but it was also time to stop and think. There was no pressure to do anything right away. I could enjoy life. After a long hard week, it seems that those few minutes can change your life.

It’s usually when we stop and take the time to think about life, that all the ideas start coming to us. A lot of times when I’m working on a project I have problems figuring out what to do. It drives me insane! I can sit there and brainstorm for hours, but nothing ever comes. However, if I take a little brake and keep the idea in the back of my mind it gives my brain time to think. It is very helpful and I can usually come up with and idea or two.

Although it is nice to have a break from school to catch up on things, there is nothing like having a week off after a long hard day at work. Whether the work is in an office or outside in the hot sun, it doesn’t matter. A vacation will feel good no matter what. One time when I was outside working I received the news that we would be going to California the next week. That really got me excited! Not only was I going somewhere new, but I was going to have a break from work.

Even though from time to time it may seem that a vacation is pointless because it isn’t very long. That’s not true. Vacation time allows you to do many things you might not have done otherwise. Which is why I believe in vacations.