This I Believe

Lacy - Sacramento, California
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in grace. When I am attuned to it, I surprisingly find it all around. Whther it is the soft, almost furry lighting in a portrait that smoothes furrows into seams and wrinkles into character, or the way every person in a crowded restaurant silently agrees not to contront me withstares of comments when I inevitably laugh too raucously–I find it. IWhat I find is that grace in an interpretation I can apply to anything and anm amazed to disocver what previously did not exist–a reason to be gratefu; to the universe and everything in it. Furhtermore, grace is the only course of action I ahve disocvered that consistently leaves me iwihtout even the smallest regret. It doesn’t matter if it is recognized, appreciated of ifi t changes any outcomes–grace changes me every single time,, on the giving and receiving ends–and I more than believe, I know, that I am better for it.