This I Believe

nina - traverse city, Michigan
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Tears For A Reason

The tears fell like rain; sliding from my red eyes, down my moistened cheeks, onto the damp material of my shirt. My head and heart ached more than they ever had. I could not imagine life without my horse. Monti had almost become a human friend for me. I had never connected with an animal on such a personal and deep level. We had a unique understanding: we knew how the other thought, what they liked and disliked, and how to control their emotions. I had spent little over five months riding, grooming, showing, and loving my little quarter horse. He had given me trouble in the beginning, but my patience and forgiveness had pulled through, and Monti learned to trust me and we built a very loyal companionship. I knew deep in my heart, I would never forget him and all we had shared.

Monti was sold and taken somewhere unknown to anyone I asked. Over the next year or two, I continued to think of Monti at least once a day. I would search for him online every once in a while, and ask people from the barn if they knew where he had gone. My answers were usually vague and nothing ever came of my questioning. At times I could feel my hope starting to slip away. These hopeless feelings were usually followed by the thought of Black Beauty and his story. My faith would renew and I felt deep within that I would find my Monti again one day. This hope kept me going, this hope kept me remembering.

Two years later, on a sunny spring day, I found my horse. He was now owned by a woman in Putney, Vermont. I couldn’t believe I had found him. I knew then that things would work out, and that there is a reason for everything. I contacted Monti’s new owner, and continue to correspond with her even today. She gives me updates on “our” horse, which is comforting. It amazes me at how strong love and hope and faith can be. My one wish to find Monti has come true, and I could not be more thankful.

Life is so wonderful, especially the variety of events that occur in one’s life. I have had one of the saddest times of my life with Monti, and now I have had one of the happiest. I will never understand all the reasons why I couldn’t keep Monti, but knowing that our goodbye had to happen for a reason is reassuring All I can do is stay positive and know someone needed Monti’s love more than me.