This I Believe

Jourdan - Fair Oaks, California
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe I will never be perfect. The days of straight A’s left in elementary school.

I believe my friends will never fully understand, because my biggest problem does not involve catching cooties anymore.

I believe school does more harm than good, when you consider the amount of stress and pressure we must endure.

I believe this town will never be enough for me.

I believe I will be something really important some day, but it will be years before I know what that may be.

I believe in the good in people, but few know how to show it.

I believe we have one of the most corrupt governments in the world, but have the power to hide it.

I believe this war can’t end well, that we entered it under false information and that our men and women in uniform are dying without just cause.

I believe the extreme religious in this country are just as evil as those without a god.

I believe our prejudice in this country has made a lot of progress, but we have a long way to go.

I believe we’re slowly killing our planet with every move we make. Our arrogance compelling us to drill for more oil, pollute more air and water, kill more animals and kill each other, because we can.

I believe our hate towards our fellow man will kill us off faster than the planet ever could.

I believe we care more about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence than genocide several continents away.

I believe our country’s greed for oil and power will inhibit us from ever being as wholesome a country we hoped to be.

But I believe in change. I know once the right administration gets into power, our country can be made better.

I know that at our core, we as a people care more about our fellow man than ourselves.

I know that our primal instinct to hate can be overpowered by our humanity.

I know the evil in our world will not succeed.

I believe in our generation. It is our right, our duty to mend the fences trampled by our past actions. It is our duty to fix this planet and rehabilitate our relationship with nature.

I know we are the only generation with enough tolerance and intelligence to make another drastic change.

I know we will achieve tolerance and peace worldwide, once we stop ignoring places without the consolation prize of oil.

I believe in you. The individual is the only way to fix this planet. Once we join together, injustice will have little room to exist.

I do believe in this country. If this is the same nation that overcame slavery and internment, we have every resource to turn our hate into love, our injustices into restitution, our pain into pleasure, our weaknesses into strength, our enemies into allies, our failures into successes.

This I believe.