This I Believe

Emilyann - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Courtesy: The Tastiest Bate for the Tastiest Girl

Three high school boys squander cautiously through the crowded lines and thunderous hallways of their school during lunch. They are hunting for girls. As they inch their way towards a particularly tasty herd of females, they create tactics and precocious trappings. Their plan is to sweep them off their feet and whisk them away to a delectable date for Saturday. They enter the bunch with a friendly “hello” to the ladies, followed by some corny, yet clever compliments.

The confused looks from the girls tell these hunters that they need a bit more practice with their words. At least they are trying. The three huntsmen take on a new approach. As one lady takes up her sack lunch to throw away, a young hunter scrambles to take it for her. Surprised, but genuinely grateful, the girl hands over the empty sack and sits back down with her friends. However, before she sits, the same gentleman pulls out the chair for her and makes certain she finds herself comfortably positioned before the table.

As funny and corny as courtesy and good manners seem, I believe that courtesy is the tastiest bate used for catching the tastiest girl.

“Tasty” girls discuss the hunting tactics of boys on a regular basis. Good mannerism and courtesy is one method my friends and I find to be the most affective enticement. When a boy opens the door for me, gives up his’ seat for me or says, “You’re beautiful,” I become defenseless. I fall right into their arms. Why? Because gentlemen are hard to come by, and when I find them, I cling to them like a magnet.

My guy friends are magnets. Each date I go on with one of them seems to get better and better. I feel like a queen even when the date is not formal. Again it is because of their good manners, kindness and respectfulness. For one of my dates, my guy friend made certain to always get to the car before me. Though I was the driver, he tried to unlock and then open my door before I got there. It was so sweet.

A true gentleman not only shows courtesy and sweetness to girls at school, he also shows love and respect for ALL women. At a wedding reception I attended, a teenage boy thoughtfully asked his mother for a dance. All the girls in the room, including me, had our mouths dangling and our eyes glued to this young man for the rest of the evening. I am highly attracted to the kindness and respect given by a guy towards his mom and sisters and I know that many other girls are as well.

Comical as it may seem, the most polite boys almost always catch the girls of their desire. Even the three high school huntsmen got their dates for Saturday – despite their discombobulated mouths. Why? Because they were being gentlemen. I believe that gentlemanliness is the most attractive and seductive bait girls fall for.