This I Believe

Catelynn - Frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…Be Quirky!

Most Likely to Succeed, Quietest, Most Spirited, Best Personality, Most Athletic, Cutest Couple, Tallest…Which ones do we want? Which will, or did, we get?

After high school, things change. Once we step foot on that campus where no one knows who we were our senior year, superlatives no longer matter. At our ten-year reunion, we most likely will not label each other as the kid who wore the same styles as everyone else, the kid who joined the quintessential clubs, or even the kid who fit in no matter where they went. We are, instead, remembered for Starbucks addictions, affinity for cats, and excessive list making.

Everyone has that secret passion that no one knows about. Don’t lie, you know you love cranking up the radio to The Beach Boys Greatest Hits CD on country roads, and eating peanut butter/pickle sandwiches; or is that just me?

Being quirky is freeing. Express yourself-let go of inhibitions! Don’t be trapped because of what others might think. If you’re enthusiastic about photography, capture every moment with a click. If you love edgy and eccentric eyeliner, wear it with your head held high. If starting a band is for you, play loud and proud. Go ahead and get your pilot’s license while you’re still working on your driver’s permit. You will be quite a bit happier by just being you.

After all, who wants to be limited to what they could be? I would never settle for an eighty percent on a quiz, when I knew I could have had a one hundred percent had I not withheld the correct answers, and you probably wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t hold back answers I knew were right to easy questions. Why hold back who I am?

Some of the world’s most notable icons were questionable characters in high school. Do you honestly think the dark Johnny Depp, quick-witted Ellen DeGeneres, and loopy Ozzy Osborne were completely accepted back in the day by everyone?

Personally, I love the quirky kids; the saxophone prodigies, the symbolic (and literal!) red heads, and even the kid giving you high fives every time he sees you. They will be the ones remembered, and to be remembered is to stand out. To stand out is to do things differently. To do things differently, is to be quirky. To be quirky, is to live. So sing in the shower, dance in the rain, lie down in the snow. Live a little more every day, and don’t quit expanding on and exploring new quirks without qualms. You never know what a magical combination Jiff (preferably Extra-Crunchy) and Dill pickles can be together until you sink your teeth in. Queasy? That’s life; take a bite.