This I Believe

Kevyn - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

My Running is only Limited by my Will to Run

I believe that every mile I run is my key to success in running — At my high school, it’s cross country team has become well known with it’s 27 state championships and 6 national championships. I am a member of this dedicated team along with 8 other runners competing for 3 varsity spots. In order to make it on the varsity team, I have to do whatever it takes to put me on top.

I wasn’t always a contender for these varsity spots, in fact, I wasn’t always a runner. I’m not quite sure why I started to run, but one things for sure: That unknown force that brought me to the sport last year, will never let me go. Now that I have become trapped in the sport, I have become more dedicated to it every day; pushing myself harder everyday. Harder and harder.

Because of all of the extra miles I ran, my physical and mental game improved. This is what made me a contender for the varsity spots; This chance to make it on varsity has become a key step in my growth. I earned this spot recently at a nearby track meet. It wasn’t easy, but by remembering the extra miles I ran my mental game increased because I knew that my physical ability had improved. I broke a 5 minute mile, which landed me a spot at the region track meet and a chance to prove my strength.

Running extra miles doesn’t always mean success though; these extra miles I run need to be smart miles. Extra work runs the risk of injury and eventually burnout. Many of our varsity runners pushed hard to be the best in state this year, but eventually just burned out or got injured. Even though it was an attempt to make our team faster, it failed because they ran without a plan. We need to have a smart plan in order for us to improve, and without a plan we run the risk of failure.

Many of my teammates, including myself, will find a limit on our physical capacity as we strive to get to the top, but there is no limit to our mental capacity. Just last year, one of my friends reached a plateau in running and eventually everybody passed him up and kicked him off of varsity. Just like him, these extra miles may do nothing for me physically; but unlike him, if they make me feel like I deserve a win, I will run faster. And at it’s best, all the hard work will raise my confidence in running.

As I was going through these strategy’s to improve my running game, I realized that they were an important life lesson that could improve all areas of my life. Whether I’m trying to make it on the varsity cross country team or get an “A” on an English paper, It requires hard work and a well thought out plan to achieve it. I need to be smart about it. If I am, not I will end up lost without success. Without the combination of both hard work and a plan I cannot improve in running.

Although all of the miles I log won’t progress me as far as someone else’s might, I know that the miles I run are the only way that I can progress to make it on varsity.