This I Believe

Elizabeth - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, gratitude

Hotcakes and Maple Syrup

Saturday morning. The sun peeks in through my blinds, and upstairs I can hear the clanging of pots and pans as Mom makes breakfast in the kitchen. The delicious smell of pancakes and maple syrup drifts into my room and I know it is time to get up. I believe in hotcakes and maple syrup.

Growing up, every Saturday morning my family would sit down together and have hotcakes and syrup. Following breakfast, housework and outside chores would ensue. I enjoyed this time each week, not necessarily because of the dirt that accumulated under my nails while working in the garden, but because of the time I got to spend with my family.

To me, that is what hotcakes and maple syrup represent…family. In a world where family is less of a priority- with divorce rates soaring and family size plummeting- I believe in the importance of family. From my family I have learned the value of hard work. From my family I have learned what is right and wrong. From my family I have learned how to love and to place others before myself. My family has played the key role in shaping my character, and yet society persistently strives to portray families as a hindrance or a thing of the past. It relentlessly blares the message that in order to be happy one must succeed in the workplace and have the freedom to pursue their own personal goals. Lost are the ideals espoused by Albert Einstein when he said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Family is what makes life worthwhile.

My family members are my best friends. Although I love my friends, I know that they will come and go; my family will always be there for me. Recently my grandpa passed away and it was his family, not his friends, who were at his bedside taking care of him… and that’s the way he wanted it. My grandpa was a great man and a world-renowned chemist. However, he always told us that his greatest joy didn’t come from within the walls of his lab, but from within the walls of his home.

Hotcakes, chores, family. That is what life is all about.

I believe in families. I believe they are the hope for the future and the workshops in which great men and women are formed. I have faith that strong families are the foundation on which mighty nations are built. The remedy for our day: Hotcakes and maple syrup.