This I Believe

Angela - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that Mother Nature awakens and enriches the mind

As I walk outside my cold brown house, I am filled with the vibrant, warm world of nature. As nature’s beautiful and dazzling colors touch my skin, I feel as if I am awaken from a world of hate and fear: my mind. I believe that Mother Nature awakens and enriches the mind.

It seems, at times, that the constant astounding melodies and breezes of nature are not enough, but this is what I mostly hang on to for support. This fight of hatred and torment has gone on since I was a little girl. My life has always been filled with under confidence and the horrifying thought of being a “loser.”

In school I work hard, not just with the school work but the constant struggle of popularity. I feel as if everyone, including myself, is watching my every move, waiting for me to fall down to the depths of despair.

I have a hard time actually talking to people and trying to fit in. When I talk face to face to someone I barely know I get nervous and start scrambling up my words and putting them into sentences that don’t make sense. Everyone gets nervous once and awhile but for me, it happens constantly. Even with my friends, I have a hard time thinking of what to say or know what to say in certain situations. I feel intimidated around my friends trying to fight words out of my mind. After these situations I get tangled with hateful and mocking words. It is like I have a little voice in my head that forces me with phrases like, “you are worthless”. It was hard to keep myself together as I considered these horrible thoughts. I needed help someone or something to unscramble my mind and help me enjoy life.

During the summer I attended Girls Camp held up in the mountains of Utah for one week. While I was there I struggled trying to fight the hurtful words in my head. One day I was walking in the wilderness, and I was so distracted by the wonders of nature I stopped listening to those threatening words and caring what others think. I finally felt accepted, through the world of nature.

The sweet sounds of birds and magical specs of light shining through the trees brought me into a world of imagination and hope that I can be someone important in the future. Mother Nature awakened me to a land of no worries for my self worth. I believe in myself. I believe that through the beauties of this earth I can become someone significant and great if I fulfill my duties in life and just be myself.