This I Believe

Chantel - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks, sports, work

Running the Hurdles

During my sophomore year, I was determined to never run track again. I endured years of criticism and advice, despite running my hardest. I thought it was enough. It wasn’t.

My best friend asked me to run hurdles with her, believing that I could easily help her out. I told her no, thinking that another year of track would be too much for me to handle with homework and my social life to focus on.

However, I was curious and wanted to find out if I really could do it. I came to practice with her each day to work on technique and speed. I usually became exhausted, jumping over eight sets of hurdles for the 300 meters, but I kept going. I then understood that I believed in running the hurdles by getting through each obstacle one at a time.

Life is filled with obstacles that must be jumped over; They’re placed in a specific spot, waiting to be conquered.

Throughout my life, my parents have taught me how to handle different situations that tend to creep up on me. They have always said to just run through it, and learn from your mistakes. It sometimes seems I am drowning and the pressure of these trials suffocate me, but I always kick and flail back. Guess what? It works.

At times some problems seem to tower over me, like I’m David and the gigantic problem is Goliath. Yet I have learned from my past experiences that if I keep throwing stones, eventually I will conquer and continue my journey successively.

By the end of the school year I was able to run the 3oo meter hurdles in less than one minute, and I was proud. The past years of learning how to endure kept me from quitting even when I thought I could not run one more hurdle. But I did it, and was able to do my best, even though I never ran in an actual race. As I learned to jump the hurdles one at a time, I was also able to jump over my life hurdles effectively. Those life hurdles are there for a purpose, to prepare myself for what will be ahead and that I may do so successively. This I believe.