This I Believe

Elena - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, setbacks

I Believe In Seeing Good

Sometimes it just seems so easy for me to doubt and see the downside of things. “No I won’t pass this test. I can’t do that. It won’t work.” A true blue pessimist. I’ll admit that sometimes I fall into that category of sad people. I’ve had experiences where nothing good seemed capable of happening. I would focus on the bad, but with the help of friends and family I’ve learned to believe in the good.

I found that in hard times it is very easy to focus on and only think about all the wrong and horrible things that have happened to me or someone else. But time and time again, good things are brought to my attention by my parents or my friends.

This happened to me when my family was uprooted from our small town in California and quickly moved to Utah. My world collapsed. I’d left all my friends and all familiarity behind and had to start all over. I became a very miserable person. I continued to be this way until my parents decided that enough was enough.

They helped me notice all the good things that I’d overlooked. My dad had gotten a great job; we had moved into a nice neighborhood where we were welcomed as family; I was able to go to a school that offered a lot of classes and opportunities; the list goes on and on. After my parents showed me the big picture, I realized that it was my choice whether or not I was going to be happy.

I had to have this fact repeated by one of my coaches one day; only he gave me a slight bigger spectrum to look at.

I’d made a mistake out on the field and of course, I was ticked. My coach took me aside after the inning, looked me in the face and said, “Elena, you made a mistake. Big deal, learn from it.” And as I walked away, just as frustrated as before, he then said, “Hey that’s life.” At first I didn’t quite take it in, but now when I think about it, he was completely right.

The bad is what prepares me. And strangely enough, for this ironic reason, the bad is good, it only prepares me for what is ahead. It is what helps me make it through life. So, the choice is mine to make; I can see the positive and be happy, or I can remain to be a sad and unhappy pessimist. Without question, I choose to hope for and see the good. By this I will find happiness. This I believe.