This I Believe

Benjamin - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Reaching New Limits

There I was standing on the field, anticipating my first day of band camp for marching band. Little did I know, that after those six excruciating hours of straight marching, I wouldn’t want to come back the next day. But I did anyway, because I felt that I had something to accomplish. I believed that if I could accomplish this one thing, reach for this one star, I could do anything, becuase I had confidence in myself. I believe that reaching new limits helps me gain confidence and reach even higher.

I sat with the counselor, hashing at my schedule for my ninth grade year. I signed up for the hardest schedule possible. The counselor said I was crazy. Insane. Who cares? I sure didn’t. I continue to take classes now that challenge me. It helps me gain confidence in myself; it shows me that I can do anything.

Did the Wright Brothers or Philo T. Farnsworth just quit because people around them said that it was impossible? No, they kept on pushing forward and reaching new limits that had never been imagined before. Just think for a second. We wouldn’t have the television without Mr. Farnsworth, but would we have imagined that in the 1800’s? Didn’t think so.

People might think I’m insane because I challenge myself. I turn around and think they’re insane for not. I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities. I wouldn’t be taking rigorous classes now if I didn’t gain the confidence in ninth grade to push me towards it. I may not be the smartest person in the school, but I try my hardest and push myself to the highest limit.

What motivates people to challenge themselves to near extinction? What motivates a freshman to take harder classes than most seniors do? What motivates someone to stick to something they started, when things get rough, like in marching band? It is the fact of knowing that they’ll be able to accomplish anything if they can only accomplish the one thing they’re working on at the moment. It is the fact of knowing that they’ll have more confidence in themselves. It might be hard, but it is highly rewarding in the end. This I believe.