This I Believe

Alexandra - Newtown, Connecticut
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Passion Makes the World Go Around

I believe in passion. I believe that each and every single one of us has something that we love, something that gives us fulfillment. I believe that a passion can be any all-consuming love that brings joy and purpose to the life of an individual. For the majority of us finding a passion takes patience and time, but once we have found one (or more), we are certain of our discovery.

The key to passion, however, is not simply uncovering one, but rather using this love to make the world a better place. A passion cannot perpetually bring purpose to one’s life unless the person shares his or her love with others. This philosophy is directly drawn from experiences I have had within my own life. Although I am only sixteen years of age, last summer I had the opportunity, to use my passion for travel to visit Ghana. My journey to the African continent was not simply a chance for me to venture to an exotic nation, but rather I used my passion for travel to participate in a trip in which I would be volunteering at an orphanage. During my travels to Ghana, I spent a large portion of my time teaching, building, painting, and gardening in order to make the lives of 40 young children just a little bit better. I am aware of how fortunate I was to have such an opportunity and I understand that not everyone has a chance to go visit and volunteer in a third world nation, however, I also understand that we can all use our passions to make a difference no matter where we are or what our passion is.

A person consumed by a passion for music could use this to write a song that inspires another citizen of the world. A simple act that causes another to believe in himself/herself or others gives us purpose and fulfillment in this deeply trouble world that we inhabit. Without a joint effort by every single human being to find his or her passion and then use it to make the world a better place, nothing is ever going to improve. It is also imperative that each person feels that they have a purpose on this planet, for it is in fulfilling our individual purposes that we find the strength to combat obstacles. If each person on the earth utilizes their passion to help others, not only would the condition of the world improve, but also the general perspective of human beings would tend to be more positive.