This I Believe

Jana - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I have had many things happen to me in my life that were unexpected like surgery, broken bones, wrecking my car, and have a brother diagnosed with Leukemia. Those are all stressful situations, but they all do not have to be that extreme.

For example: My weekday mornings usually consist of waking up around six, sleepily get dressed, eat breakfast and go to school. I will arrive at school and realize I completely forgot to do my homework. At lunch I will see that I do not have any money. When arriving at home I start on my homework, which includes the now “late” assignment, and try to make it to all my after school activities. At the end of this chaotic day, I will still be happy, because I believe I can smile.

“How to you handle it?” I am frequently asked. In a book I once read called “The Secret,” I learned that my attitude can change the outcome. It said that positive actions can make a stressful situation easier to handle. I find that the easiest way for me to stay positive and happy is through my expressions; that is why I believe that I can and will smile.

It is important to be happy no matter what happens. A couple of weeks ago while I was conditioning at school, I tripped and fell running up the stairs. I quickly got up and shook it off. When I turned to go down the stairs, many Orem High basketball players walked in for the big game. A wall of laughter fell on the scene.

At that moment stress in the form of embarrassment fell upon me. I definitely could have made an even bigger fool of myself; instead I allowed my laughter to join in with theirs. All those, including myself, who witnessed my eagerness to “gracefully” meet the ground, smile when we look back at that day. When they continue to tease me about it in the future, I believe I will still smile.

As seen in these two examples, I have tried to make a habit of controlling my outcome to everyday situations. No matter what comes my way, I can smile; therefore, I will smile…This I believe.