This I Believe

Jessica - Orem, Utah
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

This I believe…

Stress, anger, disappointment. Life can become, how would you say it: awful. However, there is one thing that can change any bad day into a bliss of happiness, or rather subdue the whirlwinds. Dancing.

During trying times it can be hard to express feelings that may lead to emotional tragedies. I have found that dancing is the perfect way to prevent potential breakdowns. I believe in the power of dance.

There is more to dance than jumping, leaping, and looking pretty. Dance is about expressing and opening up. Through dance I can share what I am feeling without totally exposing myself to the world. Sure, dancing can be about performing for and audience, but most of the time it is about sharing small glimpses of myself not for others but for me.

Whether I am dancing about joy, depression, anger, or love it becomes a haven of peace and expression of mind and soul.

I remember a particular stressful day last month, it seemed that in one day I needed to conquer a million things. It was what I would call a “sit in a corner and cry day.” One of my many activities for the day was dance class. I was tempted not to go to this particular class, but I knew that it was important to go. At the end of the class I felt that I had all the time in the world and could conquer all the tasks at hand. The stress subsided, and I felt no need to sit in a corner and cry.

Dance. The perfect outlet for any bad day.

When words don’t seem to say enough, the next best display of my emotion is dancing. Personally, being shy I don’t openly express myself, and at times it can take a lot to hold all my emotions in. However, through dance I can open up and truly become happy and levelheaded. I become the person inside of me who the world doesn’t necessarily see. Not only am I giving my inner self to the world, but escaping it as well. I forget about all the problems that I might have and lose myself in the movement. Stress, anger, and disappointment all vanish while love, energy, and happiness emerge.

Call it choreographed madness, endorphins rushing to the brain, or pure joy. But to me… it is the power of dance.