This I Believe

Christina - Provo, Utah
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Me In My Way

Ever wondered if everyone could accomplish a goal in their life? How they could get themselves through a tough time in life? All of the times that I have been able to achieve something such as grades or things I tried out for have led me to believe in myself. Experiences are for the better

I’ve had many experiences where I have accomplished certain aspects and others where I haven’t been able to do something that I wanted to.

Seeing a friend run into my room to take me to breakfast. This was done because I made Chamber Choir-the highest choir at my school. It was such a thrill. This helped me to believe in singing.

When I tried out for a musical in the ninth grade and made it, it was one of the best days of my life. Something I was trying for was accomplished. I have tried out for many musicals since that day and haven’t been disappointed. For example, last year in April, I was in a play that required me to kiss a boy. At first I was excited about the idea. As it grew closer and closer, my nerves escalated, the day that I would have to first practice kissing him finally arrived. When it finally came time to practice, I did it and it was hard. But I was able to do it because I believe in theatre.

Acting is one aspect of school for me but getting good grades has always been important to me. They may not all be A’s, but I try my hardest and do my best. I am able to get grades that are satisfactory; I do my best in my classes because I believe in doing my best.

It can be hard to adjust to the surroundings and meeting new people when you move. Being around different types of people has helped me to get to know people. I have been able to make friends easily because I have moved around so many times. I make friends easily because I believe in change.

As a child my mother would read to me all the time. I soon learned to read to myself, and it became a wonderful passion in my life. I have been able to finish books in a single day. I have read many books in my lifetime. I do all of this because I believe in life.

During my life, I have been able to see all of the great accomplishments that I have been able to make. It is a great confidence booster when I try to do something in my life. When my family compliments me. I am able to see how great I am doing. How wonderful my life can be. It has given me such confidence. Everything in life can be accomplished in whatever it is that I am doing. Because I believe in singing, theatre, doing my best, change and in life; I believe in myself.