This I Believe

Mitchell - Kodiak, Alaska
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Seeing the Truth

I live in a small town on an island. When asked if I’m an Eskimo I respond – no. When asked if I live in an igloo, see white everywhere, eat whale-blubber, have penguins for pets or ride polar bears I also respond with a hearty – no. Here in Alaska, actually, are some of the most beautiful places in the world (and there does not have to be snow everywhere you look).

Growing up in this small town I learned that many people in the lower 48 (main American area) think in strange ways. You never here of people in Alaska saying that the lower 48 is a place of cow-boys and rodeos, on the western side, and of people that ride dolphins, on the eastern side, although I’m not sure about Florida (sorry Florida).

If more people visited Alaska, or other places, they’d realize that it isn’t a barren snowy wasteland. More people need to broaden their horizons to unknown places. This would show those people that gossip (that’s what it is) is one-third truth one-third lies and one-third complete nonsense. If people thought this way then our world would be much more open to new, unique and changing things.

Sometimes the extent of this gossip is scary. On one traveling occasion, my family had landed in Anchorage (Alaska’s biggest city) and we were at the bookstore in the airport waiting for another flight. As I was looking at a book, two girls walk up to me (in Anchorage) and ask if I lived in an IGLOO! I said “no” with a bit of a laugh and then answered some more questions about my home-town for these girls.

In situations like these I think about how I’m lucky to live in a place that isn’t all too well known about. Living here gives me a kind of experience that others only dream of (apparently they dream of igloos as well). This makes me not automatically assume things about other places. I believe in seeing the truth.