This I Believe

Jessie - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I’m in a restaurant and the waiter comes up with 4 drinks on a tray; somewhere between balancing the tray and placing our drinks on the table, a glass tips over and spills down his arm. Once he left to clean himself up, I couldn’t help but laugh and poke fun at his slapstick accident. He came back with a replacement drink and set it on the table. Halfway through dinner and halfway through my soda, the glass slipped from my hands and landed in my lap. I cleaned up the sticky liquid and finished my dinner in embarrassment as the others at my table told me I had been asking for it. The worst was yet to come though, I was forced to walk through the restaurant with the infamous wet spot on my pants; “the pee-pants.”

I believe in karma; that what goes around comes around three times as bad. I do good deeds and treat others well not for any self-fulfillment but mainly to avoid the chances of pee-pants happening again. This past year of my life has been the true eye-opener for how prevalent and powerful karma is. I would put money on the fact that karma has been stalking me, whether helping or hurting my situation. Amongst many other incidents, the clearest example was just a month ago after I accidentally backed into a close friends van. No names will be said, but they became unnecessarily mean and reverted back to freshman year name-calling behind my back. Within a week of the incident I received a text message from this unnamed person saying that they now knew how it felt because they got into their own accident and caused a 4 car pile up. Not only did she feel the karma for her two-faced reaction towards our incident, but she received it through her own car accident and it came back three fold through the three other cars she forced into each other. That situation will be the fire under my belief for a very long time and I believe that the almost comedic power of karma will continue to shine its cruel irony down on our lives. So the next time you chose to be malicious or even indifferent to someone in need, beware because I believe you’ll be blindsided by some genuine karma.