This I Believe

Adrian - Orrville, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Adrian Steele

I believe in karma. Karma is the belief that was goes around comes around. If you do good, something good will happen to you. If you do wrong, bad things will happen to you. Not many people think that this is real, but they believe in miracles.

One snowy night in January after a party out of town, my dad told me that I should come at twelve so he knows that I am home. But I did not listen and got in the car with a nineteen year old. When we got back to our town, we passed a police officer, who had pulled someone over. The driver was speeding and he almost hit the officer’s car. Almost hit the officer’s car. I was on my way home when the officer pulled behind us and flashed his lights. He walked to up to the car and asked my friend for his license and registration. He stared asking questions then he asked our ages.

The driver, Antonio, said that he was nineteen. Then he asked me I told him I was seventeen. Even though I did not get in trouble, he told me I could have because I was under18. Since we were on the road where I live, he let us go, without a ticket. He just followed us home to assure I was home safely. When I walked in it was about 1:15.

On May 4th, 2007 we had our prom. That whole week everyone was told to,” be safe and have a good time”. Before we left for the after prom, somebody came drunk, and tried to get on the bus. She could not stop laughing so the driver new something wrong with her. He asked her what was in the cup, and if he could have a sip. When he sipped it he made a weird face and called our principal. By the time he got there, she started walking home. Now she is on the risk of being suspended and possibly kicked off the track team.

Famous people have so much money they think that normal rules do not apply to them. There have been a lot of celebrities in the news recently who have been in trouble with the law. Most were doing things they knew were wrong.

Take Mel Gibson. A guy who many people like, but his fans might think otherwise now. On July 26, 2006 he was arrested in California for speeding, and under the influence of alcohol, he said a few unpopular things. Now his fans might be having second thoughts. Paris Hilton is another celebrity who finally got caught for her careless behavior. I escaped trouble that night with Antonio, but the officer sent me a message. I believe in karma and this act of kindness in escorting me home rather than to the police station has made me realize how close I came to trouble. I will try to use this warning as a lesson because I believe in karma.