This I Believe

Steven - Orrville, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe!

“Steven you are grounded for the weekend!” “Steven why do you have an assignment missing on your algebra?” “Steven if you Chemistry is not an A by the end of the nine weeks you are going to have a bad summer!” “Steven Patrick if I ever see another bad grade on a homework again you will be grounded for months.” These are just a few examples of what I go through on a daily basis with my mom. This leads me to believe that kids benefit from the discipline of their parents. I know I could easily be a troubled kid.

I believe that kids benefit from the discipline of their parents for many reasons. One of them being that if a parent is on their kid about grades, they are more likely to succeed and have good grades. I am a real life example of that. I know that understanding things comes really easy to me but I am also a lazy person and I do not like to do homework. My mom is always on me about it and she always threatens me with grounding or something to that extent. When she sees a zero out of something on the computer Progress Report, she is on my case in like ten seconds. All my teachers know it. If they put a zero in for a grade, the next day I will have the assignment done and turned in. That’s why I have to thank her for why my grades are as good as they are because my mom pushes me to get my work done and to get good grades.

I remember a case when I didn’t do a homework assignment even when my mom told me to. It was the night that the local cinema was having a midnight showing of “Spiderman 3”. I really wanted to go because I love Spiderman and I have watched the other two movies so I was hyped up for this one. All week my mom told me I could go but only if I had no missing assignments on my computer Progress Report. Well I get a call from my mom while she was working at 10 p.m. telling me that I cannot go to the movie because I have a zero out of forty on a homework assignment in Algebra. I was really mad and I had to miss the showing of “Spiderman 3.” So the next night I made sure I got it done so I could go on Saturday to see the movie.

So I believe that kids do benefit from the discipline of their parents because I do. I have a 3.4 GPA pretty much because of my mom. Like I said, I am a smart kid but she keeps me in line and makes sure that I am not being lazy because she knows I am smart.

Someday, like my teachers say, I will thank her for passing her disciplined attitude on to me. And I too will probably do the same thing to my kids, but right now I’m just keeping up with her demands and standards.