This I Believe

Jared - 44667, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Who can tell someone what happiness is? Is it a physical feeling? Is it an emotional feeling? Is it pleasure? Must everyone a person knows be happy to successfully have happiness?

I believe that everyone has true happiness, but they have to find it. Happiness is as individual as people are. It’s how they feel and what makes them feel that way. Anything can make someone happy. A dog, a car, a sport, a girl, a guy, self-accomplishment, anything they care for and feel about can make them happy.

The last time I talked to my grandma, I found out what true happiness is. She was 74. Her skin color was fading and her hair was short and white. She had been tired from all of the drugs she had been on, but this day she was awake and energetic. My family went to stay with her in her final days. She had to stay in bed or stay in one chair because she was dying of cancer. I had finally gotten my time to talk to her. I sat by her chair and we started talking.

She had divorced her husband when my dad was only 11. Her oldest son was in jail. One daughter was taken away, and the other daughter was pregnant. She told me she was never truly happy during those times. Everything was bad, but she was happy that my dad was still there, and she was able to help him out. They were low on money, lived in a trailer, the family was falling apart, and she worked more than full time to pay the bills. She eventually turned to smoking, the thing that gave her cancer.

When my grandma and I talked that day, she said she would’ve been happier if she had tried more. If she had watched her kids, told her husband (my grandfather) she loved him everyday. She had told me she finally had found what she had longed for: seeing that her sons and daughters, her grandchildren, her brothers and sisters cared for her. She had found her home, her heart, her true happiness. She told her sons and daughters, she was ready to go to bed and I walked her there. She would never leave that bed ever again. She died two days later on December 1st, 2005.

I had never seen anyone truly live a happy life. Sure I’ve seen people have happy moments in their life, but no one ever have a happy life until that day. Ever since then I wanted to achieve my perfect happiness and I use her story as inspiration.

Chris Gardner, author of the autobiography The Pursuit of Happyness, lived a hard life. He never met his dad until his late 20’s. He had a lousy job. His wife was divorcing him. He was poor. He became homeless while having to raise his son. He ended up turning his life around and started a job at a stock brokerage, Dean Witter Reynolds. He later successfully stared his own brokerage company and pulled himself from having next to no money to have at least $1 million in net worth. He has a home for both him and his son, has a successful job, and has found his true happiness.

Happiness is what you feel and what makes you feel that way. Whether it is physical, emotional, pleasure, or mental happiness. My grandma found her happiness by seeing everyone she loves with her and knowing they cared for her. I believe everyone can find true happiness.