This I Believe

Hiiaka - Fair Oaks, California
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the government doesn’t care about the young people of societies rights, especially teenagers. If you haven’t noticed, teenagers have the most laws against them, like the curfew law. Its against our constitutional rights to have a curfew law. Also, they isolate teenagers from politics. They don’t care about any of our opinions, and when we want to fight for our rights, they ignore our opinions because they don’t feel that we are capable or mature enough to make our own decisions, because we don’t know politics. But what if they changed the voting law age requirement to 16? We would finally have a say in so many things and they would be forced to listen and take our opinions into consideration. They may think that we aren’t politically mature to help make decisions in our society, but we have to start somewhere. Once we turn 18 they let us loose into the real world, most of us not having a clue about political views. But if we changed the voting age, we would all be forced to learn about politics, and they would be forced to speak to a younger age group, convincing us that they were the ones to choose to be president. The government doesn’t care enough about the young society to allow them to have their full constitutional rights. Its wrong, and needs to be changed.