This I Believe

Sandra - Honduras
Entered on May 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that Words Can Change Lives

I believe that words can change lives. I believe that words can change lives because I have seen it throughout my life, on a personal and impersonal level. In a matter of years, I have seen how some people have done things to themselves just because of what someone said, but I have also seen some people’s lives changed for the better. There are examples of this everywhere we can go or look; it can be on TV or in events that happen in our own lives.

There are many ways to change a person’s life with words. For example, when we harass someone verbally for a certain period of time, that person can get tired of it and do something regrettable. Or there are some people that don’t do anything about it, but their personality or way of expressing themselves is never the same; they may never be the outgoing person they could’ve been and instead become shy and reserved for the rest of their lives. There have also been the obvious cases where people kill themselves or they decide to end the harassment by killing the person or persons that bothered them and then kill themselves.

Not all of the hurtful and influential words lead to death; some lead to diseases like bulimia or anorexia, and sometimes people end up pregnant or with good share of STD´S; this can happen when someone tells someone they’re too fat or by teasing someone just because they’re a virgin. For example there was a time when mydad kept getting on my case because I was a bit overweight, and since it kept happening too often, I ended up having some problems with bulimia. Now I has to keep paying constant visits to the hospital and seeing a shrink, just so he can tell me that I am not too fat and that I looks fine; my dad now buys me food.

So clearly, people try to find the easy way out, so instead of going to the gym, they decide to stop eating or throw up their food or some just to get rid of the title, go and have sex with the first thing that crosses their path.

Despite all of the above things mentioned, don’t words change lives for the worse. There are many cases where a compliment can boost your confidence and make your life change not necessarily in a big way, but in small ways that can change the way you regularly carry yourself; for example, if you start talking to someone you don’t normally talk to, and they tell you that you are a very strong, opinioned person; that may change the way you start acting. Foe example, maybe you will start participating more in class, which gives you better grades, which gets you a better future. Another example can be as simple as someone telling you that you are indeed pretty and that you deserve someone that loves you or something like that. That can give you the courage to talk to the person you like, you can click that way meeting the love of your life.

In conclusion, I believe that words can change your life for better or for worse, for good or evil; it is just up to you to decide which one it will be. Because there are many times when what you do will have you regretting for the rest of your life, even if what happened wasn’t necessarily something big.