This I Believe

Paulina - River Grove, Illinois
Entered on May 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Scented Remembrence

The feelings of hope, devotion, and fidelity were always hard to express in words. The rich vocabulary of poets and descriptive language filled with vivid verbs wasn’t always enough to describe what one felt. I truly believe in the symbolism of flowers. Delicate, yet radiant, each filled with a slightly different scent and the aroma of being one with nature.

Since I can remember, my childhood was filled with flowers. My hands were always smeared with the exuded milky sap from the dandelions, which I later made into wreaths. Wearing them on my head, I would then skip around my family garden searching for yellow jasimines, and reaching out for the lowest oak leaves that would grow in the back of the yard. Then, rushing up seven concrete stairs into the kitchen, I fullfilled a handmade vase with the flowers and set them on my grandparents table.

My mom was the one to teach me the easy combination of the two. Jasmine – the symbol of elegance and grace was an ideal comparison of my granmother’s eiquette and percise look on life. On the other hand the oak leaves, which symbolized bravery described my grandfather in the times of World War II. My summer days consisted of gathering of the flowers, and embracing the wooden kitchen table with bouquets of scented blossom.

Right before I emigrated to the United States my grandparents handed me a combination of white liles and magnolia. At the first glimpse, the mixing of the two species surprised me, but after a while I understood. Liles, representing sweetness and magnolia emphasizing love of nature, were my beloved grandparents’ way of expressing what they felt. Thus, I personally believe that coreopsis is my flower. Always cheerful. Now. And forever.