This I Believe

Carson - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on May 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It begins in my lungs, creating tension and aching for release, filling me to swelling with life: breath is life. Then, upon its controlled liberation, it vibrates throughout entire being, gaining the first of its components. Second, it resonates within the space that I have provided for it inside of my chest and head, enriching it further than ever. Finally, as it departs from me energetically, I form it into my personalized voice, articulating it with purpose and meaning. All the while, I stand tall, firm, and confident, deftly adjusting the pure sound, striving to reach perfection and soaking in the experience as though it were the warmth and light of the sun at dawn. All of this I would have missed if I had given up learning to sing.

As I have learned, and this experience has more fully emphasized, every goal or dream begins as a mere thought, and requires determination and persistence in order to be come a reality. I believe that every action has a consequence, determined by the action. This brings about the saying: “A thought reaps an action, an action reaps a habit, a habit reaps a character, and a character reaps an eternal destiny.” With that in mind, I would like to declare that this rule can be applied to any aspect of life involving action, from learning to play piano to trying to control self. But I also realize this means that bad actions can do the same thing. I can’t tell how many mistakes I’ve made in life, but as I’ve noticed in singing, it is best to learn from them and just keep going. I know that in order to become whom I want to be, I must do now those things, which will help me to obtain the eternal destiny I choose.

As I have learned these things, it would be wisdom in me to act upon them, aiming carefully for the person whom I truly desire to resemble. It will be by my own free choice, and no other’s, that I will determine who I am to become. Eventually, through hard effort and constant adjustment, I will be able to reach my ultimate goal, and the closer I develop to this end, the more beautiful it will sound as I stand in the sun.