This I Believe

David - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on May 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I do not believe in impossible.

Sports. I believe in sports. The beauty of sports is not in the game itself, but the impact the game has on the viewers. I’ve seen people cry, dance, scream, cheer, moan, turn their hats inside out, and even riot because of sports.

Dedication. Everyone knows that in order to win the players must be dedicated. My kind, the die-heart fan, knows that it also takes dedicated fans to win. Fans, real fans, make a championship team. We are the ones who still have season tickets after decades of losing seasons, hoping the next season will be different. We are the ones who alert the fair-weather fans and tell them when it is safe to jump back on the bandwagon. We are not necessarily the half naked bell painters, that’s just stupid, but we are a bit crazy. Sometimes crazy, frenzied dedication is what it takes to win the “big one”.

Competition. Sport is competition in its purest, clearest form, a type of competition that contains survivalistic like traits. This type of competition is what makes sports so magnetic. In sports the competition is so clear and refreshing. Home or Away. Win or Lose. Love or Hate. Sports are cut and dry. The lack of confusion is what makes sports so great. There is a simple beauty in the unchanging rules and clear objective. Beware, this kind of clarity can often breed boredom. However, this is not the case with sports. Every team has the same objective, but there are plenty of different strategies, to spice things up. The competition the average person encounters everyday has become polluted, dirty, cloudy, and filthy. We call it capitalism. It is bogged down with regulations, formats, policies, fancy jargon, and “the run around”. This is why the working man or woman is willing to stay up into the early morning hours to catch Sportcenter, he or she is compelled by something deep inside of them, begging for true competition.

Division and Unity. While they seem like opposites they both exist in sports and at exactly the same time. Sport is the ageless story of good and evil, except in this story both good and evil win. It all depends on perspective. While only one team wins, that team plays the part of both good and evil. One fan things that team is evil while another things them good. In sports each side is divided and then within each group unity occurs. In fact, the stronger the division between the two groups the stronger the unity within each separate group.

That is why I believe in sports. Over the years I have come to understand that dedication to a goal, competing with oneself and others to achieve that goal, a division from those who doubt, and a unity to those who believe has the power to fuel and push us farther than we thought possible and into the impossible. Which is why I do no believe in impossible, I’ve seen the impossible happen.