This I Believe

Charles - West Bend, Wisconsin
Entered on May 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in perseverance. I believe that perseverance can and will lead you to a more successful life.

I believe that perseverance can solve lots of personal problems. This first occurred to me when my dad took me to Milwaukee with him. Since this trip was just recently after the Falk explosion, the Falk plant was partially in ruins. Even though the explosion recently happened, reconstruction of the destroyed areas was already underway. This ties into perseverance this way: the owners of the Falk plant could have whined and thrown in the towel, but they persevered and got their business up and running again.

I believe that perseverance can lower the United States’ unemployment rate. This first hit me when I saw people with all sorts of plastic Wal-Mart and Piggly Wiggly bags filled with clothes sitting under a freeway overpass. I asked my dad, whom I was with at the time, what these bags were for and he said that the bags of clothes belonged to the homeless people of the area. I was taken by surprise by this statement, but then I thought that if these people had only persevered in life then they probably wouldn’t be living their lives under a freeway overpass.

I believe that perseverance not only affects people in Milwaukee, but also people in Seattle and New York City and Chicago. One of the famous people and business owners in the Seattle area is Bill Gates. When he was young he was the “nerd” of his class. As a young adult, he started Microsoft. His friends said he was crazy, but look at him now. Although he is the richest man in the world, he only achieved this through perseverance and trying new, unheard of ideas.

In today’s world people give other people, money, or just plain, old luck credit for their achievements. I don’t usually hear perseverance as one of the main reasons they succeeded in this or that. If you think about perseverance, in depth, you wonder why they never give perseverance credit for their success, or a lack of perseverance for their downfall. I believe in perseverance.