This I Believe

Maggie - 88005, New Mexico
Entered on May 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Our socaity is so based off of religon. I live in Las Cruces,New Mexico, so christanity comes up a lot. Let me clear up, that I dont think there’s anything wrong with any religon, I just wish it didnt come up so much.

When I say that I’m a budhist (wich I only do when people ask me something like “what curch do you go to?”) I get strange looks.

My best friend Kerrigan goes to curch and prays before bed and dinner. I go to family dinner with them sometimes, and before dinner, they sing fun songs to pray. I have nothing wrong with that, I like to sing with them. I will even go to curch with my nanna when she asks me to. So, as I said, i have nothing aginst any of this. All I’m saying is that i wish people wernt so predijust about my being of a different religon.

Kerrigan and i never bring up religon. When i told her i was a budhist, she didn’t even blink. that makes you think, that if an eleven year old accepts, shouldn’t everyone else be abel to?