This I Believe

Alison - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Is making sure your friends approve the outfit or guy that you pick out really that important in trying to make you content with yourself? People need to listen and trust their own judgment. When you rely too heavily on others opinions to lead your life, it’s hard to be genuinely satisfied and happy with yourself. You will never be your own person and never actually make yourself happy because you’re only living to please others. Acceptance seems to be huge and people seem to need others to tell them what to do more and more instead of making their own decisions. Instead of letting other people shape your opinions and the way you live try framing your own beliefs by taking in all information you can from around you and molding it into your own outlooks and judgments.

Don’t isolate yourself to one type of person either. It is very well possible to be friends with clean people alongside junkies, jocks aside punks and so on with all those damn stereotypes that keep people from expanding. I find it to be the best way to go when you talk to all kinds of people. It gives you a perspective from all sides of life and you get to experience more. I feel you get more out of life when you are completely open to everything. Don’t exclude any options you never know what you’re missing. Take advantage of every opportunity as it comes. Once it’s gone it might not come back and who wants to have regrets? Apathy gets you nowhere. It’s a wasteful way to live life. It’s said that living is like dying but that’s only if you let it be that way. I would recommend steering clear of that path and instead make the most of your life as you have it.

Stop complaining about every petty problem that comes your way. Things aren’t ever perfect but put more of that energy into a cause that means something or into enjoying yourself. I would say complaining is the root of all evil over money. If you complain about everything you’re never looking at the good side of things and always being dissatisfied with things doesn’t allow room for fun. Try and have fun. Don’t have so many worries. Don’t let so much bother you just sit back and enjoy little things. Take notice of smaller details. Be aware of what’s going on around you at all times. Don’t get stuck in oblivion; have knowledge and use it. Just take the time to notice and appreciate everything you have because no matter whom you are or how your life is there is something to be grateful for and you shouldn’t take any for it for granted.