This I Believe

Mandy - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on May 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, setbacks

Angels in Human Form

There are times in a person’s life when faith seems to hang on by a thread. This particular time was one of those for me. Last semester I was taking an excessive amount of classes in pursuit of a degree in nursing. I had big plans for myself. This was my gateway into med school. I ended up receiving a D in one of my science classes. I have never received a D in anything before. I did a downward spiral into a bowl of shame from there. The brilliance of my dreams and the ideas of who I was seem to fade quickly.

I started drinking excessively and fabricating an identity to cover up what I had thought to be my flaws. My spirituality began to suffer tremendously, something I held to be the most precious asset of my life. I couldn’t understand how someone so amazing and with so much potential could miss the mark. Mostly, I couldn’t understand or grasp that I was having a human experience.

In early January I finally decided that I could no longer live with the shame or guilt. I started to seek help by taking spiritual classes and by taking a semester off from school. I began to explore the other side of myself rather than the science and analytical side. I also prayed to Spirit to please send me an angel or some sign to help restore my faith.

A few months later I had gotten back in touch with an old friend from nine years prior. I learned that this person was serving time in a county prison for choices he had made. Through correspondence with this individual, it has become evident to me that he is one of my greatest teachers. He has re-taught me to see past all of the barriers that we as humans put up, and into the very core of a person’s spirit. What an amazing gift it is to have that ability.

It took someone I had not talked to in nine years to serve as a reminder of my belief that it’s not mine or anyone else’s place to judge someone based on their present circumstances, appearances or hardships. They are on their journey through life. Everyone is doing the best that they can, including me. I had an experience along my journey, that is all. It really wasn’t the catastrophic event that I had made it out to be.

I believe that we are all here on this earth to learn from one another. I strongly believe in divine intervention in our everyday lives, even in the subtlest of events. What I also believe is if I had not come in contact with this particular person, I would have never heard the message in any other way. Sometimes our angels are sent to us in human form. He just happened to be mine.