This I Believe

Sandra - San Diego, California
Entered on May 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Beauty of the Mind

I believe beauty can only be measured through the knowledge and intellect in people’s minds; I believe beauty is not a matter of looks but of brains.

I have always had the deepest sense of admiration for those who luxuriate themselves in “big words,” brain-wrecking algebra equations, and complicated physics formulas, rather than in worthless jewels and material extravagancies. To me, the girl who always sits by the corner of the library, accompanied by no one but books, and interacting with nothing but information, is the most beautiful one. Her efforts and dedication to knowledge are to lead her to a life of success, and that is something society should deem attractive.

However, society fails to recognize people like her by a name other than “nerd.” The thick-framed glasses, the untamed hair, and the textbooks they hug oh-so-dearly to their chest everywhere they go, are like a curse that dooms them to make their beauty invisible to the ignorant eye. On the other hand, if these “nerds” were to shove aside their studies and knowledge in exchange for the latest trends and a stylish haircut, no doubt would people begin to look at them with a different perspective, and instantly brand what they have as “beauty.” Heck, nerds could even undergo plastic surgery if all they ever wanted was to have perfect facial features. It is a sad truth, but an even sadder tale for those who are “already beautiful”: there is, unfortunately, no surgery to make them any wiser.

It is devastating to know that young girls today dream of being like the models in magazines, or like the backup dancers in music videos. Reality should be that these same girls strive for being as successful as their favorite authors, or as smart as their teachers, but this is seldom the case. I know because up until now, my most sought-after goal was to be pretty, to wear whatever was “in,” with the matching cool shoes and cool hair and makeup, etc. But then, something happened. It might have been school, or friends, or the thought of my future, but my goal was transformed: I now want to dedicate my entire being to the pursuit of intellect. What could be more beautiful than being able to correctly spell, define, and use the word antidisestablishmentarianism, or being able to work with “negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4 times a-b over 2a”, or knowing Newton’s Third Law of Motion, or being able to recite Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

To me, nothing is sexier than knowledge. And I can assure you, no makeup can ever hope to make me feel as beautiful as wisdom has.