This I Believe

Tomoyo - Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the beauty of nature. Everyday we wake to the swaying of trees, the light breeze that stirs the leaves, and the flowers blooming. We take such ordinary things for granted. We don’t appreciate how green the leaves are, or how red the tulips are, or even how blue the sky is. I believe every individual should set aside a time to appreciate nature. In this economically driven world, efficiency and time signifies everything. We forget to reflect back on life and take a moment to find ourselves.

No matter how much life can cause pain, I believe each individual is responsible for fulfilling their life to the best of their potential. Their potential is not living for the satisfaction of others. It is finding your true self, your identity, your happiness. Happiness for someone else is not the same happiness for yourself. It does not matter what others think of you, or what they want you to do. In the end, you must follow your own heart; or else you will regret the path you take. Without hardships, happiness would not exist. Because reality is difficult, one must overcome the various obstacles presented in life to find happiness. When that happiness is reached, it creates an emotion so great and so vast, that all these hardships endured becomes nothing; for that happiness was worth all of the pain and agony.

I believe in the value of life that is given to an individual. I truly believe that hard work pays off in the end. Even if society doesn’t approve of what you have accomplished, it is about the satisfaction and pride that you feel for yourself. Although natural talents bring success to some extent, commitment and dedication will take an individual to incredible height. I don’t believe that people are born as heroes, born as professionals, or born as geniuses. With the drive and motivation to get better, and be the best “you”, I believe “you” will be much more successful in life than an individual who has gotten everything handed down to them.

I believe in my family, my friends, and everyone who believed in me. I believe in nature, the compassion and love within our hearts, and most of all, I believe in myself.